NHS 2016 Adverts

Since we’ve hit 2016 I’ve been inundated with ‘get fit’ adverts on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Normally I end up just closing down any form of advertising that I’m not interested in (I’m not one to make new years resolutions, and especially when it comes to getting fit, I like my chocolate! Anyway..). But there has been a series of eye catching and thought provoking adverts from the NHS that have really caught my attention.

Playing on the whole ‘new years resolution’ theme NHS have released some quite powerful adverts that just hit home how insignificant some of the new years resolutions we make (quit drinking or quit smoking). The NHS want you to think about the bigger picture with the two adverts I have selected here.

They are really simple, even the layout of the design, choice of colour and the content – but as we all know it’s often the simple things that are the best (like fresh bed sheets, or the cold side of a pillow).